#DevChat on Monday with James Whitaker

This Monday we are hosting a #DevChat on Twitter with James Whitaker to discuss the topic, “A Future Worth Wanting” covering James’ forward looking perspective on how the role of technology in our lives is evolving and what developers should be thinking about.  Please join us!


Unity Contest

Microsoft and Unity are offering a new contest for developers and students that you can earn some serious tuition!  By submitting a new or existing games to either Windows Phone or Windows 8 stores, you can earn up to $30,000!!! Over $100,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to a number of talented and lucky winners.

More details here: http://unity3d.com/contest/windows


Server R2 Preview

Use Windows Azure to Evaluate Software

One of the common scenarios that I see companies and individuals use Azure for is to quickly spin up environments for development and test.  As I was looking to download Windows Server 2012 R2 preview today, I noticed that one of the options is to download on Windows Azure!  How cool is that – evaluate software quickly, easily in your cloud based sandbox.  My oh my how things have changed!

You can check it out on TechNet here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/evalcenter/dn205286.aspx


APIMASH – Socialize Your App

In general I will be posting all events to my events page, with the occasional exception.  This is one of those exceptions!  For anyone wanting to learn how to create their first App for Windows 8 or even extend the capability of an existing one with common social media API’s we have a great webcast for you to check out.

APIMASH: Leveraging Meetup, Twitter & Facebook APIs – Free Webcast

Wednesday, June 12, 12:00pm

In this one-hour online workshop you will learn how to develop Windows 8 apps using the Twitter, Meetup and Facebook APIs. Twitter, Meetup and Facebook are the premier social networking sites and their API’s provide access to Tweets, Meetups and Friends. What a great combination! We will cover how to access the Twitter, Meetup and Facebook web service API’s from code, deserialize the response into a set of runtime objects that you can bind to Windows 8 UX Controls such as the GridView and the ListView. You will also receive instructions on how to submit your app to the Windows 8 store.  This workshop is great for students, hobbyists and professional developers who want to learn the basics of app development and publish their first app to the store.

Don’t forget to check out the “Keep the Cash Rewards” offer to see how you can get $100 for publishing your app(s) in the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store. Publish your app before June 30, 2013 and you can get a $100 virtual Visa card for every qualified app you enter (up to $2000*). Learn more at http://build.windowsstore.com .